There are many marketers and bloggers who put too much effort into SEO and not, mainly, focusing on the readers. So think about your audience first and then write according to them because you are writing for the people, not for the search engines. If you are new to blogging or have new website, it’s usually hard for you to be searchable and you have to improve rank of your site. You want people to see your site and be its loyal visitors. There is about 27 million pieces of content uploaded daily so think about the content you need to create to compete with that much amount of competition. But it is not that difficult to achieve. Here are some tips for writing effective content.

1.       Write beneficial and engaging content

When asked what the secret of writing appealing content is, I always say that write what is useful and people should enjoy. Mostly search engines reward sites that write contents related to public need. The more original and fresh topic contents you share, the more will people appreciate it and search engines will improve your ranking. A good content should propel the viewers towards sharing it. Some site owners think that sharing too much content will improve their ranking; this approach could very easily lead you astray as you might lose the focus on quality of the content you are posting.

2.       Keep it precise and concise

You have to take into consideration your readers’ time.  Just focus on the main topic and make your point right away. Longer articles are usually boring. I have seen if a person can read your article in 5 to 10 minutes and get benefit from it then more people will engage in it and will like it. Try using list of useful ideas that will elevate easy reading.

3.       Choose and use your keywords wisely

Even before you start writing your article, you must choose your keywords which you are going to use. Include them in your title, in the body of your posts and your Meta-tags. Don’t use them too much because many viewers read closely and will know what you are doing and might never come back to your site. Don’t be lazy, tag your content so that search engines categorize your content more accurately. This will really help your search positioning. If you don’t know which keywords or tags to use then try Google Trends.

4.       Have a point of view

What will differentiate you from others is your point of view. Anyone can write article on the same topic but what sets you apart from others is your own story, your unique thinking or a real time experience that people would like. Sharing your own experience will make your article more interesting and engaging because if it is related to you, the more acceptable it would be and people would like to share it.

5.       Share links within your article

When adding links to your article, it is important to make it a part of your copy. Don’t just say that click here to get this or something. Adding backlinks from trusted websites would show your experience regarding the issue and would create trust within the readers.

6.       Optimize images for better search engine ranking

Use relevant images not just text in your article because it gets boring with all the text and if you add picture to related topic that would make your article interesting. You could even optimize images with keywords to specific names. Make sure to properly name the image and its size matters a lot because loading time of page may cause issues in SEO.  Make your images as short as possible without compromising their quality.

7.       Proofread your material

This is very important for all writers that you must closely read your article before you publish it because if there is any grammatical mistake, it would be harmful for you. Let’s consider you are relying on your keywords and there is a spelling mistake in that and because of it your readers are unable to find you. It would also have a negative impact on your image. Therefore, it’s very important to proofread your content.

8.       Make your content easily shareable

Now you have completed all the steps and made a killer article and have published it. The next thing is to make it shareable because the people who admire it would like to share it with others. Therefore, make sure you have almost all share buttons of popular social sites on your websites. They are mostly available in form of plugins for free. Search ranking trends usually increase when the content is shared many times so never underestimate the power of social media.