Searching for app developer has become easier these days, in case the judgement goes wrong  then it can become trouble for your business.
I believe that finding the right person who has worked with customers in various businesses  is more important than saving a few hundred or thousands of dollars in building the product. The correct choice could bring more value for the business in terms of revenue.
What you should look for in an App developer to make correct judgement for your application business.
1. Starting your Search
Search for a developer who has concern in your business, not just the development.  The companies, who have years of experience in app development, not only give directions about the process of development but also provide creative inputs regarding similar apps to their clients. The good companies know better which application works or which does not at app store. Because they deal thousands of clients every day.


2. Evaluate their portfolio
A best app developer must also have excellent UI/UX skills. While observing their portfolio, keep looking for Apps with great user interfaces. Sixty percent of your application is about how a user interacts with it.


3. Check the credentials of the client.
Stay on a look out for developers who are more open to sharing their past clients’ information for feedback purposes.


4. Build Relationships
Select app developer with whom you can build a relationship. Look at that app developer who will stick with your company during its life cycle because, mobile app development is not a one time activity. Mobile apps need continuous improvement on the basis of customer feedback.


5. Don’t look for price while hiring developer.
Don’t set-up price as the main filter while choosing a development partner to work with you. Every start up business has budget constraints but it’s always better to have a great product, not the cheapest product. In the long run, though, the seemingly low cost alternatives have a tendency to become relatively more expensive.


6. Work at whole package, not just the coding
 Mobile app building is about creating a functional design and thinking about the worker experience, not just a coding. Try to select a person who prefers to work with team you already have who will perform the other functions like design, usability and testing.


7. Make Your App a top priority:
It is important that how a website or app is working as well as how its looks. Try to make an app or website which adds value for its users, is easy to use and which interacts with your product. Focus on the business vision which gives you the right direction. It will help you to choose a right app developer for your business. Company’s vision should be same for developer as for other workers.


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