Online marketing has changed a lot in recent years. From SEO to social media and now content marketing. Publishers and website owners have now recognized the fact that producing high quality content is the best way to get noticed.
A study was done in order to know what techniques companies are currently using for branding and lead generation. Following are the results. Content marketing is the clear stand out for most of the brands.

social media

1. Content Marketing :

content marketing

As I have told you earlier content marketing is one of the best way to get things done. For content marketing a proper content strategy is required. Following are some link to get you started with you content marketing.
Building Kickass content Strategy
Awesome Content Marketing Ideas

2. Social Media Marketing:

social media mrketing

Social media is still one of the most important channel of online marketing in 2014. Top trends in social media include news Hijacking, hashtags, photo and visual content. Make sure you have integrated these techniques in your online marketing strategy. Take a look at some of the emerging social media trends here.

3. Visual Content:

Visual content

The best way to make people share your posts? Yes you are right it is visual content. There are two type of visual contents. Pictures and video. Pictures don’t require a lot of investment as compared to video. So, it is recommended to go for picture sharing which include info graphics and many other types of visual content. As for sharing, pinterest is the most suitable place to share pictures. Take a look at following resource for more help
Using Pinterest the right way

4. Mobile Optimized Content:



With more and more people accessing website through mobile phone it has become important to have a mobile optimized site. According to Forbes in 2016, 86% of the total devices accessing web will be mobile phone and tablets. In such scenario, not having a responsive website can give away potential clients to the competitor. It is thus important to have an optimized website for all kind of devices.

5. Social and SEO links

social media and link building

Social media is considered one of the pillars of SEO, and when used in conjugation with link building optimal results can be achieved.
The website which has the highest no of shares or social activity tends to get highest position in SERP. There are many other factors also behind ranking, but social media is very potent in ranking well.
Take a look at this social media guide for help.

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