What is Link building and how it has changed over time?

Link building activity in simple words is getting backlinks to your website . Links are how the search engines determine the importance of website compared to the others websites. With time links have become less important but it is still necessary. Different kinds of links are important so links must have following properties.
1. Should not be over Optimized
2. Links should be natural
3. The website should depict authority for link building.

How we can help in Building Links?

At Teknovate our talented team of content, PR marketing and link building are working together in order to provide high quality link building services.Link building

Content Marketing

Content is basically the most important part of SEO campaign.  With captivating, content links which can be attained from suitable channels to rank well.

Visual Content Marketing

Info Graphic, slides and videos are good way to attract attention of audience. Teknovate can help you build a perfect visual content marketing campaign.


With our public relations and outreach we ensure to give you backlinks from the most popular sites on web. These quality links will surely increase ranking of your website in no time.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion is most important type of signals that are required to improve search engine ranking these days. It is important to have the customized social media campaigns in order to get the desired results.
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