Mobile Application business has a lot of opportunities for new and existing companies. In case you don’t have one than you are missing a lot of business that your competitors might be getting. In US only around 120 million smartphone users who are using a retail app once a month.
In order to develop an iOs or Android application it is important to hire any mobile application development firm. For this reason following are few questions you need to ask before hiring.

1. Where can I see your Mobile applications that your company has built?
Qualified companies who have worked on mobile application will be eager to show you the work they have done. Most companies have listed their work on their website in the portfolio section. In case it is not present there ask them for their work.

2. Can I get list of your current and Past Clients?
It is important to ask the company about the list of clients they have worked with. After getting the list you can ask the clients about their work ethics .i.e. did they completed the Application on time and in the budget.

3. Which smart phone you are using?
Ask the application developer about which smart phone they are using. This would let you know about how passionate they are about their work. Discuss about the latest technology in mobile application, and whether or not they are familiar with it.

4. How Can I make money through my Application?
It is important that the development company knows about how you will be able to monetize your mobile app. For this reason ask them about the in app purchasing features or ad display features.

5. How communication will go around during development?
It is important that you ask the firm about how you will be able to communicate with them. They are several corridors of communication. Several firms allow their project manager to get in contact with the customer whereas in some cases an office coordinator is given this responsibility.

6. Have you created any special feature in application?
Only innovative applications are able to grab user attention. Hence, it is important that the application development firm should have worked in 3-D models, social media and many other features.

7. Who will be the owner?
It is important to sign a work for hire or NDA before giving confidential information to the company. The one, who pays, owns the product. Make sure you have all the documentation required to move forward with the project.
These are few important things which you need to ask before moving forward with your project. Make sure you have done all the homework before selecting the right firm of your choice.