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Business development for small to medium sized software solution companies

A lot of people step into software development industry and we witness a majority of them folding in a matter of months. Reason being that, more often than not, businesses fail to attract good enough business of sufficient enough number of customers and being a small company they don’t have the depth in their pockets […]

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How to write blog that rank well

Blogging is a great way to get the right amount of traffic on your website. A well-researched blog with proper keyword analysis can bring right amount of exposure and traffic to your website. There are few steps which should be considered to get the best possible results. Start with Keyword rich Topics It is important […]

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How to write an article for SEO

We have been putting a lot of stress on having quality content posted in on your website. You, as a reader, might be wondering about how to do it; how to make web publishing a SEO tool? Keep in mind that writing a killer article for your website is a tricky yet not that difficult […]

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5 Ways to get more Facebook Likes through targeting

Facebook is a great way to get leads and target people these days. In recent days it has become one of the most important social media channels. There are few things however which should be considered in getting started with it. In this article we are going to consider some useful way to get more […]

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5 ways to generate more leads

For most of the online businesses, lead generation has become the most important part. There are several techniques which can be applied to generate more leads. In this article we are going to discuss some of those techniques to generate more leads. Customer’s Referral: Customer’s referrals is one of the best way to generate more […]

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online shopping

8 Things you should know while shopping Online

Online shopping has become a big phenomenon these days. With more and more people are now looking to shop online. In such scenario, it is important for a normal shopper to consider few things before placing any order online. In this article we are going to take a look at 8 things which should be […]

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web design

5 Web design facts you should know

Out of the industries that are flourishing and gaining the most popularity today, “web designing services” lists at near the top of the ranking when it comes to the most profitable and popular industries. Every day, new websites are being launched on the internet, and the numbers are just staggering. Today, I’m going to share […]

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Is Multi platform The Future Of Mobile Development?

You don’t need to cover every one if you are sure about devices and operating system which are used by your customers. But if you know that the business requires large number of audience with many device types; you should focus on cross development and how it will influence your business. Following are some of […]

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Tips for writing SEO friendly content

There are many marketers and bloggers who put too much effort into SEO and not, mainly, focusing on the readers. So think about your audience first and then write according to them because you are writing for the people, not for the search engines. If you are new to blogging or have new website, it’s […]

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mobile development

5 Important Mobile App Development Blogs:

If you are an aspiring developer than a good blog can prove to be very helpful. It might help you with background knowledge on the industry you are working on. Some blogs provides help regarding codes, tips, hints and others are sources of information or can lead you to useful knowledge. Following are 5 important […]

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