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Is Multi platform The Future Of Mobile Development?

You don’t need to cover every one if you are sure about devices and operating system which are used by your customers. But if you know that the business requires large number of audience with many device types; you should focus on cross development and how it will influence your business. Following are some of […]

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How to Make money

How To make Money Through Mobile Application Business

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Tips for writing SEO friendly content

There are many marketers and bloggers who put too much effort into SEO and not, mainly, focusing on the readers. So think about your audience first and then write according to them because you are writing for the people, not for the search engines. If you are new to blogging or have new website, it’s […]

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mobile development

5 Important Mobile App Development Blogs:

If you are an aspiring developer than a good blog can prove to be very helpful. It might help you with background knowledge on the industry you are working on. Some blogs provides help regarding codes, tips, hints and others are sources of information or can lead you to useful knowledge. Following are 5 important […]

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Seven ways to Appoint Perfect Mobile App Developer

Searching for app developer has become easier these days, in case the judgement goes wrong  then it can become trouble for your business. I believe that finding the right person who has worked with customers in various businesses  is more important than saving a few hundred or thousands of dollars in building the product. The […]

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Online Marketing Trends In 2014

Online marketing has changed a lot in recent years. From SEO to social media and now content marketing. Publishers and website owners have now recognized the fact that producing high quality content is the best way to get noticed. A study was done in order to know what techniques companies are currently using for branding […]

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The best CMS

Why WordPress is the Best CMS?

WordPress is considered to be the best content management system these days. Even a non-coder can easily build their own website in wordpress in a matter of few minutes. Powering over 18% of the entire websites it has become the most famous CMS up to this date. However, theme editing requires some skills which can […]

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Samsung Tizen

Android Dependent Samsung Launches its Own Platform

Samsung in the latest development is going to release its own Linux based platform known as Tizen. This is considered a major step towards becoming dependent from Google based platform ‘Andriod’. Samsung Z is the model that will be released in Russia in third quarter this year with this software, According to Samsung. The smart […]

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Belief Systems in software Development firms:

In any corporate world three belief systems prevails about software development. In order to become a successful project manager it is important to understand these belief systems up closely. Belief System #1: We need these features live by this date. This belief system is most obnoxious of them all. It poisons the teams in building […]

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How to build a wordpress website?

This is a detailed video of how to create your own wordpress Website out of stretch. From hosting to installing wordpress to actual live website, everything is discussed in detail. In case of any difficulty contact us at

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