A lot of people step into software development industry and we witness a majority of them folding in a matter of months. Reason being that, more often than not, businesses fail to attract good enough business of sufficient enough number of customers and being a small company they don’t have the depth in their pockets to stick it out. Entrepreneurs often fail to understand the fact that running a business isn’t as easy as it may look from outside. After all, you run a business to earn money and if that isn’t coming than what’s the point sweating?

Today I am going to discuss a few tools for software businesses to attract customers. These are the major platforms and tools that smaller businesses and freelancers are using very effectively. If you are struggling with attracting customers, you may want to read carefully.

1.   Do SEO on your website

Some of you might be saying, what? How is SEO a business development tool? Believe you me; it is the most important one. Make full use of this and you’ll surely reap the best rewards. How often do you jump to the second page in any search results, or the third? I’m pretty sure your answer would be, “very rarely”. So you want the customers to find you in the very top results when they are looking for, let’s say, “Mobile app developers Sydney” or “Website developer Sydney”, for them to land on your website and then be interested in giving you business.

2.   Cold mailing

A very common tool in business development is cold mailing or e-mail marketing. In marketing terms, it is called a “pull strategy”. What you are looking to do is to introduce yourself to the potential customers and get them engaged. Keep it short, keep it simple, but make it most interesting and engaging. Shoot straight and try to hit the bull’s-eye in minimum words. Elaborate your point of difference and what makes you better than others out there.

3.   Freelancing platforms

A separate article could be written on this individual tool. There are a number of great B2B (Business to Business) platforms present on the internet from where business get clients by bidding on the projects. The most common and famous among them are freelancer.com, elance.com, odesk.com, guru.com and gumtree.com. The competition on these platforms is quite intense though, so you need to be extremely competitive and impressive with your proposal and your bid. Get a paid account to boost your chances of acquiring good business from these websites.

4.   Work on getting referrals

It is not as much a tool as a tactic. Referrals are the golden key in this business. Building strong relationships with your previous (happy) clients not only would make them comeback with further business in the future, but also pull out referrals from them. It is the easiest, the most efficient and the most economical tool of business development.

Business development is a tough game and a game that requires patience, persuasion, and quick thinking. As a business developer you must be nimble on your feet and should be able to make quick tactical calculations and adjustments in your head and then in your approach.