Samsung in the latest development is going to release its own Linux based platform known as Tizen. This is considered a major step towards becoming dependent from Google based platform ‘Andriod’.
Samsung Z is the model that will be released in Russia in third quarter this year with this software, According to Samsung. The smart phone will be unveiled on Tizen developer conference in San Francisco.
The electronic giant has tried for years to develop software that complements it overly famous hardware. The last one they tried was Bada, which was launched in 2009, but it never got the kind of response they were looking for.
For the latest software, Samsung has worked with Intel to develop this open source software. Samsung Z will be the first smart phone in which Tizen will be launched. D.J Lee, Samsung head of global sales stated that Samsung Z is a perfect device for users for browsing swiftly through the web, and for running apps effectively.
Samsung has a market share around 30 percent (nearly twice that of Apple). Let’s see how Tizen turns out to be for them.