Out of the industries that are flourishing and gaining the most popularity today, “web designing services” lists at near the top of the ranking when it comes to the most profitable and popular industries. Every day, new websites are being launched on the internet, and the numbers are just staggering. Today, I’m going to share some really interesting facts about web designing that, I think, everyone should make a note of.

Flash has run its course

Everybody likes a nice, vivid and flashy looking website, don’t they? Flash is what made it possible for the designers to make websites more attractive and appealing. Here is a fact though; Websites based on flash are not as popular now as some of you might think. In fact they have lost a big chunk of their fan base. Why? It’s quite obvious, because they take a lot longer to load than other websites and the other, and probably the main, reason being that such websites limit the scope of SEO and hence there performance regarding SEO is below-par to say the least. In my previous posts I have discussed the importance of SEO many a times, so you would probably have a good idea, uptill now, just how crucial SEO is to a website.

Web design is more than just a design

Again, I would highlight the key role of SEO here. It is now a driving force when it comes to website design. Resultantly, now a website designer’s job is a bit more complex. Now he, not only, has to be proficient in the coding languages or the development frameworks, but he also must have up-to-date knowledge regarding SEO and the prevailing trends. Requites for an effective website don’t just end with SEO; a website has to comply with world design standards, has to have social media integration and the capability to run on different browsers. Now days, a website just has to have multiplatform compatibility due to the boom in the use of smartphones and other hand-held devices.

Loading should only take a few seconds

Time is money, and your users are not very generous when it comes to this. Website that takes a long time to load would irritate the user and he would simply switch to another website that loads quickly. A few seconds should be the most time it takes for your website to load. Any time longer than that is below par.

Website visitors adore lively images

Results of a recent study, on what elements of website people pay more attention to, have brought to light the fact that people like and pay more attention to real life images of people, animals and birds, rather than the animated cartoons or images. Not coming as a surprise, smiling faces of babies were the most liked and most profitable ones out of the lot and even less surprisingly, ads were the element least favored by the visitors.

Design has to be easy to maintain

The idea behind the web design generally comes from the website owner’s goals for the future – what he wants to get out of it. It should be adaptable, changeable and should not require a lot of work for all that stuff. A good website is the one that is easy to maintain. After all, as a web owner you don’t want to keep going back to the developer to make the changes for you, it should be easy enough to do it in-house. By no means, though, I am saying that the design has to rudimentary, it has be “intelligently designed”.