Facebook is a great way to get leads and target people these days. In recent days it has become one of the most important social media channels. There are few things however which should be considered in getting started with it. In this article we are going to consider some useful way to get more Facebook likes through targeting

  1. Email List
    There is a targeting option in which you can target people who are present in your email list. Add will be shown on their walls. This technique is best for those who have a good amount of email addresses.
  2. Website visitors
    you can target website visitors to like your page on Facebook. In this targeting option the social platform targets those people who have visited your website.
  3. Paying customers Lookalikes
    This is also an advanced targeting option in which those people are found who are lookalike of you paying customers. Targeting them increases the probability of getting more conversion out of it.
  4. Interest Based Targeting
    Interest based targeting is something which I considered as dead. But this doesn’t mean that we can experiment with it.
  5. Behavior, Income and Interest
    It is important that you experiment with the kind of technique you are following. You should target your audience on the basis of behavior, income and interest. After some time you will be able to know which targeting option is best for you.

Experimentation is the most important thing behind achieving great results. Always make sure that your direction is right and you are using the right tools to analyze your target audience.