If you are an aspiring developer than a good blog can prove to be very helpful. It might help you with background knowledge on the industry you are working on. Some blogs provides help regarding codes, tips, hints and others are sources of information or can lead you to useful knowledge. Following are 5 important blogs you need to remember while coding.
1. Toastmo Blog

Toastmo is a famous blog of web Development Company named Two Toasters. They are famous for their work like creating beautiful apps and sites( for example Aribnb android phone app). This blog focuses on things they have learned through their experience and try to tell people about exciting facts. They wish to teach pro tips and codes. We recommend this blog for your daily routine in case you are involved in mobile development.

2. Mobile tuts+ website

This site is basically dedicated to mobile app tutorials and contain videos regarding development issues. They provide codes, examples, tutorials, and  interactive community. If you try their premium services (which will cost you a bit) you can get access to some of very talented instructors.

3. Android Developers

Those who are working with android devices would love this blog because this is actually written by the very own employees of Google play team, android framework team, and android developer relation team. This blog covers technical topics related to Apps like cryptography and many other things.

4.NSHipster journal

NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked things in Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa. This is a technical blog offering weekly advices and tips of how to get the best from Apple’s programming language.

5.Windows Phone Developer

This is the only official blog in the list written by many windows phone developers.  This blog is very useful for those who are looking to remain up to date in windows phone development .

These are some of the most important blogs for you to get in touch with the industry. For mobile app development services, get in touch with our mobile development team in Sydney.